Model SI-FES-1
• Exhaust system ducting covering 10 Trainee welding Booth and 1 Master Welding Booth.
· Fume Extraction System for all Welding Booths with extraction hoods, extraction unit and MS ducting, centrifugal fans, Filtration unit, Tee & joints, sealing arrangement, complete with fittings.
· Guarantee an efficient fume extraction.
· Fumes transported to a filter box which houses a pre filter and an activated carbon filter. Exhaust air discharged to atmosphere through duct of 9 m height from floor level.
· Centrifugal blower for each system driven by suitable motor backward curved blade, dynamically balanced with noise levels less than 85 decibels at 3 m. distance.
· Ducts made out of 18 G GI with heat resistant aluminum painting.
· Filter box, blower and motor mounted at ground level with adequate vibration pads.
· The filter box will have pre filter and activated carbon filter. So will be washable and reusable.  The activated carbon filter will be replaced in about 6 months, depending on the usage. 
· Electrical control panel (1 number) and VFD.
· MS angles for structural support for laying fume extraction system.
· Separate mechanical dampers for cut off