MODEL  SI-SGM-600*160
Table Size   600 mm X 160 mm 
Surface Flatness Of Table   2 MICRON per 100 mm 
Traverse (Hydraulic Operated Variable Speed) 5Ft to 60 Ft per min (1650 M/Min) 
Wheel Dia  Outer dia. 180 mm x Thickness 13 mm x Bore dia. 31.75 mm 
Run-out Of The Spindle   0.002 mm 
Table Traverse   3 to 18 meter/min.
Vertical Wheel Feed Graduation  0.002 mm 
Cross Feed Range / Stroke At Each Rev   0.175 to 1.75
Fine Adjustment Graduation In CROSS Feed   0.0025 mm
Height From Base To Table  1000 mm
Vertical Traverse  300 mm
Spindle Motor  0.75 KW 
Coolant motor  0.2 HP
Wheel speed  2700RPM
Vertical Feed Adjustment Increment   0.002 mm 
Hydraulic Motor   0.5 Hp/600 R.P.M. 
Net Weight 900 KG 
Table Height From Base   1000 MM
Max Height From Wheel Center To Bed  300 mm (Maximum Distance Center Of Spindle To Table)
3nos Of T-slots On The Table    
Height Max  1800 mm (Max.)
Floor Area  1900 mm X 1700 mm (Max.)