Distance between centres 250
Maximum swing dia on standard centres 200
Height of centres 100
Distance between work head and tail stock centres 175
Maximum swing dia on cutter head 300
Longitudinal traverse of the table 175
Camping area of the table 350*100 mm
No. width and spacing of the table, T - slots 2
Maximum (Manual/Auto) traverse movements of wheel head of table 250
Swivel either side of zero with the locking 45°
Swivel either side of column with centre locking 90°
Wheel speeds in either sense of operation 4600 RPM
Maximum vertical distance between axis of grinding spindle 100
Vertical adjustments of wheel head -Manual/Auto 200
Type max. rating, KW, speed of the main drive and all auxiliary motors 1 KW, 1440RPM
Net weight and overall space occupied by the machine 290 KGS / 800x900x400 mm
Swivel of wheel spindle in horizontal plans 100
Wheel head and work head spindle tapers MT-3
Noise level 43.5 TO 45.5 (dB)
Max. weight of the job that the machine can handle 30 Kgs
The largest dimensions of the job that the machine can handle 200x150