Capacity 50 Kn
Min. Test Speed 0.01 mm/min
Max. Test Speed 500 mm/min
Setting/Cross Head Return Speed 1000 mm/min
Speed Accuracy  ≤ ± 1%
Horizontal Clearance (Test Space between columns) 550 mm
 Vertical Clearance 1200 mm
Total Crosshead Travel 1000 mm
Position Resolution 0.01 mm
Power Supply 220VAC, Single Phase, 50Hz
Loading Frame  
Computer      Controlled      Electromechanical      loading      frame      suitable      to      conduct Tensile / Compression / Bend/Flexure/Creep    test    on    Geosynthetic    materials    (Geotextile, Geomembrane, Geogrid, Geonet, etc.) and also suitable for different materials such as Metals, Rubbers,  Cables,  Fabrics,  Tapes,  Thread,  Plastic,  etc.  conforming  to  testing  procedure  laid down in respective ASTM/ ISO standards. 
The  Load  frame  is  floor  standing,  with  crosshead  driven  by ball  screw  coupled  to  a highly sensitive servo motor. A servo motor controller drive fitted in the frame that monitor over/under voltage, current and temperature. The design of the frame is such that it allows the single test zone for both tension and compression tests. It fitted with a  sensor  to  set  the  initial  position  of  the  moving arm.  The frame  have  in  built  safety features as a protection for over travel (Upper and Lower Limits) and over load. The upper and lower crosshead limits can be set at any point within the frame’s clearance with an ease. An emergency  switch   provided  to  shut  down  the  system  incase  of  any  accident  or malfunctioning
Electronic Control Unit and Data Acquisition
Signal conditioning - two-function high speed system. The channels is Load and Displacement directly calibrated in their respective  engineering  units.  Load  indicated  in  terms  of  N/kN  with  a  resolution depending upon the capacity of selected load cell and displacement in mm with resolution of 0.01mm.  The  load being  measured  by  the  Load  cell  and  displacement  being measured  by  Rotary  Encoder.  The  system receive  the  output  signal  of  the  both  the channels as its input and amplify the same. The data of both the channels of machine can be transferred to computer and can be online monitored in the software.
Data Monitoring and Process System  
Standard Computer System for Monitoring: Intel i5 Processor, 500 GB HDD, 4GB RAM, DVD R/W drive, Key Board, Optical Mouse, 6USB Ports, 17” TFT   Screen, UPS 500VA
Computer System for Processing: New Vostro 3681 Small Desktop Processor:   10th   Gen   Intel®   Core™   i7-10700   processor(8-Core,   16M   Cache, 2.9GHz to 4.8GHz) Operation System: Windows 10 Home Pro 64bit English Base: Vostro Desktop 3681 (Intel) Memory: 8GB, 8Gx1, DDR4, 2933MHz Hard Drive: 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive Video Card: Intel® UHD Graphics 630 with shared graphics memory Wireless Driver: Dell Wireless 3165 Driver Wireless: 802.11ac 1x1 WiFi and Bluetooth Optical Drive: Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD) Power Cord: System Power Cord (India) Monitor: Dell 24 Monitor-E2420HS Keyboard and Mouse: KM714 Wireless Keyboard and mouse Combo Microsoft Office/Security Software/PDF Solution
Dedicated Software Package
"Controlling and on-line Data Acquisition to PC through user friendly software and Statistical Analysis of the obtained results. à Windows based user friendly software with easy user interface. à Facility to select and Control test-Tension/Compression/Bending/Shear etc. à Programmable  Test  Speed  (0.01mm/min-500mm/min.)  with  automatic  control  of  rate  of loading during test. à Programmable  Sample  input  parameters  such  as  Identification  code,  shape,  Dimension, Area, date, test speed, preload in kN, etc. à Facility to create Test Set ups or Test Profiles. à Single key operation to Preload, Start test, Stop and Return operation through computer. à Automatic Stop or Return to Home position after sample failure. à Independent taring or Auto taring of each channel at predefined load. à Online display of numerical values of Load, Displacement and Extensometer. à Online plotting of data  of  Load v/s Time, Displacement v/s time,  Load  v/s Extensometer and Load v/s Displacement graphs, etc.“ à  Auto scaling of the graphs in real time. à Auto shutdown on failure or over limit values during testing. à Real time clock for tracking date, time and runs. à     Facility  to  save  test  data  along  with  order  information  about  the  specimen  such  as  age, specimen number, size, dimensions etc. in user defined file/directory."
Analysis Software
à  Plotting   of   following   graphs-Load   v/s   Time,   Displacement   v/s   Time,   Load   v/s Displacement, Stress v/s Strain, etc. à    Calculation  of  various  parameters  depending upon  the  test  conducted-Peak  Load,  Tensile Strength,   Maximum   deformation   at   peak   load,   Compressive   Strength,   Modulus   of elasticity, Flexural Strength, etc. Facility to plot the data for a selected run. Comparative analysis using multi graphs. Statistical analysis of the test results. Batch Summary Report.  Detailed Summary Report. Advance Statistical Analysis.  Facility to print Test Reports. Facility to Export Data to MS Excel
Load Cell  
à Strain  gauge based  type  with  full  wheat-stone  bridge  configuration.  Structure of  the  load cell is that it can be loaded both in tension and compression over few million numbers of times. à Set Universal load cells of different capacities: 500N, 5kN, and 50 kN à The reading of the selected load cell can be displayed on software screen."
Displacement Transducer  
à The variation in strain / deflection / cross head movement etc will be measured with help of Displacement Transducer and displayed on the software screen à Range: 1000 mm Resolution: 0.01 mm Measuring Accuracy: + < 0.5%.
Hydraulic-pneumatically  operated  Grips  with  complete  hydraulic  &  pneumatic controls for Wide width Tensile Strength Test as per ASTM D4595 & ISO 10319 for Geo-textile. Manually operated Mechanical Grips for Wide width Tensile Strength Test as per ASTM D4595 & ISO 10319 for Geo-textile. Grips suitable for Grab Test as per ASTM D4632. Grips for Trapezoidal Tearing Strength Test as per ASTM D4533. Puncture Test Attachment as per ASTM D4833. CBR Puncture Test Attachment as per ISO 12236 . Creep  Test  Attachment  with  two  LVDT’s  conforming  ASTM  D5262-2002  with Digital read out unit Roller  Grips  suitable  for  clamping  Geo-synthetic  material  without  any  slippage during Creep Tensile tests. It consists of two LVDT’s mounted on the Clip on type  clamping arrangement to measure the extension taking place during creep loading in tension. The readings of both  the  LVDT’s  are  recorded  and  average  out  in  the  software  &  displayed continuously. Range: 50mm Resolution: 0.001 mm Measuring Accuracy: < + 1% of indicated value Width of Sample: 250mm (maximum). Roller Grip for testing of PVC coated Geo-grid as per ASTM D6637 / ISO 10319method