Bed length  6 Feet 
Bed Width   11 Inch 
Gap length  4.5 inches 
Gap length at front of Face Plate  5 Inch 
Machine Capacity 
Height of Centre   9” (226mm) 
 Swing over Bed  17” (432mm) 
Swing over Cross Slide  11” (280mm) 
Swing in Gap  26” (660mm) 
Movement of Cross Slide  255mm 
Movement of Compound Slide  150mm 
Main Spindle   
Spindle Type  Metric 
Spindle bore   50mm 
Taper in spindle Bore  MT5-5, (IS 2582-1972) 
Range of spindle speed   45-1200 rev/min. (forward/reverse direction) 
Spindle Speed   8 range 
Chuck  3 & 4 Jaw Self Centered 
Tail Stock Spindle   
Diameter   1.3/4” (44.45mm) 
Morse Taper  MT4 
Travel  5.1/2” (140mm) 
No of British Thread  & Range of Inch British Thread  40 and 2 TPI to 60 TPI 
No. of Metric Thread & Range of Metric Thread  24 No. & 0.5 to 15 mm range 
Lead Screw Dia /Pitch  1.1/4” (31.75mm) 
Longitudinal Feeds range  0.066 to 2 mm/Rev of Spindle 
Transverse Feeds range  0.0165 to 0.50 mm / rev of spindle 
 Motor Power  2 H.P. (1440 rpm), 3 Phase 
Coolant pump with tank, Swraf Tray  and all fittings (output and discharge height as per IS 2161:1962) 
Flame Hardened Bedways
Bed & Tail Stock (as per IS11118-1997) 
Tail stock sleeve case hardening steel 15Ni7Cr4M02 (IS 1118-1997)
Back plate of chuck 
Splash Guard
Center Guard 
2 Nos of Dead Center 
Quick Change tool post with Tool Holder and spanner