Swing over machine bed  350mm
Swing over cross slide   200mm 
Swing over gap  450mm 
Distance between centers  750mm 
Turning length  700mm 
Width of bed   250mm 
Height for centres  150mm 
Work Spindle  
Spindle bore  42mm 
Spindle Taper bore  MT-4 
Type & size of spindle nose (ASA) A2-5 or better 
Type & size of spindle nose (CAM-LOCK)  D1-5 or better 
Cross Slide Travel 200 mm
Top slide Travel  100 mm
Tool Shank Section  16x16mm 
Tool Post  
Four Way Tool Post 16x16mm 
Tail Stock with Hand Wheel  
Stroke of quill /Spindle Travel 140 mm 
Taper socket/ Taper of sleeve MT 4
Tail Stock Barrel diameter/Quill diameter  45 mm
No. of speeds  8 No.
Speed range  40-2000 RPM or better 
No. of feeds  24 or better 
Feed range (Longitudinal)  0.05 - 0.8 or better
Feed range(cross)  0.02 to 0.35 or better 
Thread Pitches with Standard Change Gear set  
BS threads  4-56 T.P.I or better 
All standardized metric threads  0.5 - 6 mm pitch
Lead screw diameter  30mm 
Lead screw pitch   6 mm/4 TPI 
Motor Power 4.0KW  
Coolant Tank with Pump  
Capacity  15-30 litres 
Coolant Pump  0.05 KW